Kyocera printer

Kyocera printer

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Kyocera printer

When shopping for a printer, it's crucial to look beyond the initial purchase price. Failing to do so may leave you with a printer that will cost you a lot in maintenance and operational costs during its lifetime. At STAT Business Systems, we can help you avoid making costly mistakes by introducing you to a Kyocera printer that offers top quality service.

If you’re asking, ‘are Kyocera printers any good?’ you should know that they incorporate the ECOSYS technology, which enables them to maintain optimal performance for many years. Is Kyocera a laser printer manufacturer, and what can you expect from their machines? This is a manufacturer that we have worked closely with through the years, and we can answer these and any other questions you may have concerning their products.

What are the Benefits of the Kyocera ECOSYS Technology?

ECOSYS, which stands for ECOnomy, ECOlogy, and SYStem solutions, is an advanced technology that Kyocera utilizes to ensure that its machines are environmentally friendly. Kyocera uses long-life internal components such as the drum kit and toner cartridges that don’t require frequent replacement.

This leads to less waste, which is important since printer consumables contribute significantly to environmental pollution. Given that you won’t need to buy these parts often, this will also help you save on costs in replacement parts. And this is one of the reasons why Kyocera printers have a low total cost of ownership.

Another advantage of ECOSYS technology is that it promotes efficient power consumption that eliminates any wastage. This is yet another environmental conservation and cost-saving effort. Through these energy-saving features, using a Kyocera printer helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

Here's what one of the most popular Kyocera printers that has ECOSYS technology offers.

Kyocera 1102PN2USO ECOSYS M2535dn

This is a multifunction network that supports standard print, fax, copy, and color scan. It has an output speed of 37ppm for letter, 30ppm for legal, and 35 pages per minute for A4 size papers. You can connect this machine to your devices using USB, ethernet, or a Wi-Fi connection.

It has a warm-up time of 20 seconds, a 5 line LCD screen display with a hard key control panel, and a standard output tray that can hold 150 sheets. The maximum monthly duty cycle is 50,000 sheets.

Efficient Workplace Technology

When contemplating on what office machine to buy, many customers ask, ‘how much is a Kyocera printer?’ Prices vary with each model, but you can be sure of getting fair pricing at STAT Business Systems. We also have multiple financing options, whereby you can buy, lease, or rent one of our printers. For each of these options, we provide maintenance services to make sure that you’re able to use your Kyocera printer as efficiently as possible.

Get Your Printer Today

Thanks to our long-standing partnership with the manufacturer who makes Kyocera printers, we’re in a position to source only the best printer for you. Call us today on 1-800-407-7828 to talk to one of our pros about Kyocera 1102PN2USO ECOSYS or any other model you might be interested in.

Kyocera printer
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