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Mobile Solutions For Your Business

With both cellular and business changing at today’s pace, who you choose to partner with for your cellular needs means more than ever before. The monthly cost of service is now the least of what a business needs to consider and while Connects Wireless offers Canada’s Best Network at the best possible rates there is much more to know.

With Connects Wireless your business will enjoy a single point of contact for all of your cellular needs alongside guaranteed monthly bill reviews and analysis mitigating expected costly overages and making sure your bill is accurate every month. Connects Wireless manages all sizes of businesses across Canada with industry leading solutions and overnight shipping to all major centers. The scope of cellular based solutions is expanding and rapidly changing so Connects Wireless will make sure your business is as well. From Canada’s only Carrier Grade PTT system, to Mobile Device Management, Trucking Log solutions, Vehicle/Asset Tracking to in house Tech Support let one of our dedicated Account Executives show you what these new solutions mean to your business.

Connects Wireless Commitment

One of the primary advantages to working with Connects Wireless alongside Canada's Best Network is the promise we make to our clients. Since we work for you and not for BELL it is our priority to challenge the status quo and manage our clients in a way many have offered but few deliver.

Connects Wireless Commitment means that:

  • Your bills are analyzed each month by our team. The results are provided to you, suggestions are made and increased costs are mitigated.
  • You have a single point of contact for everything to do with your cellular service from billing to hardware, tech support to renegotiating price your Connects Wireless Account Executive will make sure you are well taken care of.
  • Your inquiries, requests, and needs are dealt with in the most expeditious way possible. We promise to reply with 24hrs to any request even though usually it is with hours. Connects Wireless remains dedicated to providing a level of service and response time well above what we see most companies receiving from their current carrier.
  • You receive overnight delivery to any major center in Canada when ordered prior to 2PM PST at no additional cost.

PTT/Dispatch Console

Bell is the only carrier in Canada to offer a carrier grade Push To Talk Network over cellular and now it is even better with PTT interoperability with existing Radio infrastructure. PTT offers a scalable and reliable solution leveraging Canada’s Largest LTE network engaging LTE devices, one touch instant communication and dispatch, and tracking.

Mobile Device Management

Smartphone use in Business has become a staple of how our workforces function. Sourcing and implementing the right MDM to suit your business needs means you can control costs while ensuring your information remains confidential and secure. Our suite of MDM tools help to create solutions regarding deployment, monitoring, security, management and support of smartphones through a cloud based or site based solution. Improve the way you control access to sensitive business data while separating personal on the same device

Mobile Office

With the way we do business changing so quickly Mobile Connectivity allows your office to follow you. Mobile Internet solution from Turbo Sticks, Hotspots and Hubs allow reliable connections so your office is wherever you need it to be.

Devices & Connectivity

From the most recent and technologically advanced cell phones launching this week to ruggedized functionality it is important to determine the right fit for the needs of each company we work with is as important making sure they operate on Canada’s Largest LTE Network. If your device is the supercar BELL’s lighting fast network is the jet fuel needed to allow it to operate to its fullest.

Workforce Management

IoT Solutions

The Internet of Things is a vastly expanding realm of connectivity and communication now running on an even more stable LTE-M network. Let our experts find a solution that meets the changing needs of your company for anything from monitoring solutions, digital signage, water leak detection, energy management, food monitoring, tank monitoring, smart building automation, vehicle tracking & dispatch, eLog, and more. Manage data through cloud based platforms in real time and allow access to the operational status and metrics of your M2M devices.

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