Trusted Partner Network

Trusted Partner Network

Trusted Partner Network

One of the most pronounced effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in the entertainment industry is the increase in piracy, with the theaters closed and most people stuck at home. The lockdown periods saw a huge 33 percent in illegal streaming across the world. The explosion in illegal streaming activities during lockdown made this problem even more serious. Plus, this problem is likely to only get worse as more studios move their media content to online streaming services, adding even more safety issues to the problem.

In addition to the illegal streaming, there’s also the battle to keep information about TV shows and films secret before release. Due to all these issues, vendors and content producers might feel frustrated with the job of keeping their content a secret. That is where Trusted Partner Network (TPN) comes in. 

What is a Trusted Partner Network (TPN)?

TPN is a worldwide TV and film content protection initiative. The network helps companies prevent breaches, leaks, hacks of their customers’ TV shows and movies prior to their projected release and seeks to raise security awareness and capabilities within the industry. A Trusted Partner Network Assessment is a cybersecurity review where Information Security Management System (ISMS) implementation and related handling of content workflows are standard for agreement with the best practice common guidelines by an accredited trusted partner network assessor.

The TPN assessment process is intended to deliver a wide-ranging report to Content Delivery & Security Association (CDSA), Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), and Music Publishers Association (MPA) member studio content owners. This assessment details the approach to risk, ISMS implementation, control implementation, approach to risk and business continuity management, and a lot more.

Who Needs a Trusted Partner Network (TPN) Assessment? 

Organizations that plan to bid on projects offered by CDSA, ACE, or MPA members will need this assessment. Establishing the ISMS in the organization shows the business’ commitment to cybersecurity and secure the handling of content workflows. A trusted partner network assessment is a distinct standard for minimum security awareness for all content producers and vendors, no matter their forte and where they work. By creating a worldwide and single directory of content providers and vendors will have access to a centralized database to understand their Trusted Partner Network status. 

Why Choose GPL Technologies 

Understanding security measures and implementing these procedures are different, so you might want to take advice from an expert on how to meet the TPN measure. This is where GPL Technologies can help – we can provide you an inclusive and impartial analysis of your organization’s current position and technical advice on the ways you can improve. Our experts have detailed knowledge of managing and securing data and can help you fulfill the guidelines to protect content and achieve Trusted Partner Network accredited status.

We understand the cybersecurity risks associated with handling vendor content and operating. Our experts can work with you to implement an ISMS that is created to reduce the exposure of your organization to content theft or loss and cybersecurity breaches. Contact GPL Technologies today for more details.




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